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Indezi River Creamery

A truly South African artisan cheesery

Welcome to Indezi River Creamery

A truly South African artisan cheesery

At Indezi River Creamery, we are driven by a deeply ingrained pioneering spirit, and inspired by the abundance of the Midlands. We create a wide range of the finest quality cows’ milk and goats’ milk dairy products; particularly focused on artisanal specialty cheeses.

Our cows’ milk range includes truly South African favourites from our easy-to-eat Kwaito to the beautiful Imcimbi layered cheese.

We also produce a wide range of goats’ milk dairy products, including various cheeses, as well as whole milk, yoghurt and butter.


The herds that produce our milk spend their time grazing in pastures, and do not receive any routine antibiotics or growth-enhancing hormones.

Honouring the traditional, farmhouse approach to cheesemaking, we don’t use any artificial colourants or flavourings, or preservatives in our cheeses.

Honouring the high food safety standards required nationally, as well as for export purposes, our cheeses are all produced by hand in a fully audited factory, meeting the FSC22000 certification standards. We are also certified Halaal.

Fresh milk from our local farmers, expert cheesemakers, a world-class factory set in the lush KZN Midlands, and a commitment to creating wholesome, delicious dairy products sets Indezi apart.

Come on in and find your favourite now!


Why Goats Milk?

Goats’ milk is structurally different to cows’ milk, and much easier to digest. For those who suffer from health challenges, Goats’ Milk Products may be an ideal alternative.

Cows' Milk Cheeses

Our range of cows’ milk products has been lovingly developed to delight you and your friends and family. For all occasions and palates, try our Cows’ Milk Cheeses

Goats' Milk Products

We have expanded our range of goats’ milk dairy products to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy dose of dairy everyday. See what Goats’ Milk Products we handcraft.