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An Ancient Recipe

Kefir (said ‘key-fah’) comes from the Caucasus Mountains of Eurasia, where it was originally fermented in an animal-hide bag using traditional kefir ‘grains’. These grains were a long-held secret from the rest of the world, until, through a thrilling story of Soviet espionage, a kidnapped princess, and blackmail, it was finally handed over to the Russians. Kefir has been a mainstay in the Russian diet ever since. 

The long life and good health enjoyed by those in the Caucasus region caught the attention of scientist Elie Metchnikoff. In 1908, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on using ‘good bacteria’ to boost natural immunity. Metchnikoff is considered the grandfather of modern probiotics. He would be proud to see how his work has informed how much we know today about the power of probiotics in maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

A Modern Superfood

Kefir tops the list of probiotic-rich superfoods, and is an absolute powerhouse of good nutrition. It is naturally packed with  antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy enzymes, and essential amino acids. The cultures feed on lactose in the milk, which means you get all the goodness of full cream, ‘free range’ dairy, with significantly less lactose (which can be problematic for some people). 

Probiotics are essential for day-to-day healthy digestive functions. Dairy is known to protect probiotics during their travels through our gut: dairy-based kefir is the ultimate weapon for ensuring that these important bacteria get where they need to go. 

Great news for your immune and digestive systems, kefir is ‘food as medicine’ at its best. 

Now Locally Made

We now handcraft a delicious creamy kefir in the heart of the KZN Midlands. 

Your health is important to you, and to us. Our kefir conforms to the highest contemporary food safety standards without losing any of the time-tested goodness, and our well controlled environment ensures that it is just right for you every time. We have sourced a culture from Denmark to make sure that our kefir is consistently high quality, and always contains the probiotics you expect. It differs slightly from traditional kefir as it does not contain any yeast. We won’t compromise our food safety standards (which are really high!) by introducing yeasts into our factory. Luckily, this doesn’t detract from the benefits you receive. In fact, our kefir is also safe for those with yeast allergies.

Local really is lekker! Find your closest stockist and try some today.

Great News for your Gut

A Powerhouse of Good Bacteria

Happy, healthy familyKefir is one of the richest sources of probiotics available. We import the best starter cultures to make sure that our kefir is packed with all the right ‘good’ bacteria. These probiotics colonise in your gut, where they do all their good work. It is also a source of important nutrients, such as protein and calcium, and amino acids. 

Kefir’s particular blend of essential probiotics and nutrients has been shown to alleviate digestive problems like IBS, boost immunity, improve bone density, fight some cancers, relieve allergies, and improve skin health. Recent scientific research shows clear links between a healthy gut (gastro-intestinal tract), optimum digestive performance, and overall wellness.

This means that whether you are building strong bones and teeth, fighting off all sorts of bugs in the classroom, needing energy for that demanding to-do list, addressing chronic illness, or enjoying good health in your twilight years, kefir should be an essential part of your everyday diet. 

There are benefits for every member of your family, at every life stage. Kefir truly is ‘for life’. Get some now and see the difference.

For Feeling Good

The Elixir of Life. Now bottled for you. 

‘Kefir’ comes from the Turkish word for ‘good feeling’, and has long been referred to the the ‘elixir of life’. 

Kefir is a cultured milk drink, originally made using natural live kefir ‘grains’. These are a naturally occurring granular starter culture rich in good bacteria. We import the highest quality culture from Europe, which is especially developed for long term use in our facility. It has been developed to exclude yeasts, which can pose food safety problems in factories like ours.

Many people are also sensitive or allergic to yeasts. They can happily drink our kefir, getting all the health benefits too. Kefir is also an ideal dairy product for those with lactose intolerance, as the cultures feed on the lactose in the milk. Our goats’ milk kefir is a particularly powerful combination! You’re going to want to find your local stockist and see for yourself what kefir can do.

Serve It Up

How can I use kefir in the kitchen?

Kefir has a flavour and texture similar to that of drinking yoghurt with a characteristic effervescence. The longer the fermentation process has been happening, the more intense the flavour and sparkle. 

Not naturally sweet, kefir can be flavoured and sweetened using fruit, berries or honey. Or try our flavoured options: Strawberry, Vanilla or Passion Fruit and Orange. Our plain kefir is ideal for savoury dishes. 

You can replace almost any dairy product with kefir to significantly improve nutritive values. In the kitchen, use kefir to replace milk, cream, buttermilk, yoghurt or sour cream in almost any recipe. Because of its acidic nature, you can use kefir to tenderise meat in a marinade. You’ll love the fluffiness it brings to baked goods. It ups the good-for-you factor in sweet and savoury treats, basically giving you a reason to eat them! Be aware that heat does deactivate probiotics, but know that kefir is filled with other important nutrients too. 

From smoothies and breakfast foods, to quiches and tarts, dressings and dips, cakes and crepes, the world of kefir cooking is open to your imagination. Find your closest stockist and start the adventure.

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