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Kefir Nutritional Information

Good choice! The kefir you hold in your hand is full of amazing nutrients and a whole heap of probiotics that are really good news for your gut.
Latest lab results are for our Plain Yest-Free Kefir. For the flavoured options, we have calculated the values using the nutritional specifications of the fruit flavours we use.
Remember that as kefir ferments, the cultures are ‘eating’ the lactose sugar in the milk. This means that the sugar (lactose) content is constantly reducing. By the time kefir reaches it’s peak, it may have used up almost all of the lactose.

Most importantly, you want to know what the probiotic count is…

Probiotics are counted in ‘colony forming units’ (CFUs). In kefir, the probiotic load changes over time. As the culture ferments, so the CFUs increase. The use-by date is the end of the optimal availability, and thereafter the numbers of CFUs lessen considerably. We sent our kefir to be tested for probiotic load, and the results were exciting. The Bifidobacteria count was 1,6 billion CFU/g of kefir. By the expiry date, it had reduced to 0,9 billion CFU/g. This suggests that a 300ml bottle of kefir has about 480 billion CFUs. Even at expiry date, there are 270 billion CFUs in the bottle.

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Nutritional Values for Plain Kefir
Sugar content flavoured kefir

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