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Did you know that goats’ milk cheese gets its characteristic white colour from the lack of beta-carotene in goats’ milk? This is because goats are able to convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A immediately, while cows are not.

Some people are a little scared of goats’ milk, having been nastily shocked in the past by very strong tasting cheese. Or they’ve got a friend who has. Either way, you should know that the distinctive taste is caused by certain fatty acids that are present in the milk. Although the European palate seems to enjoy this, we’ve found that South Africans are a little less enthusiastic.

Even without a chemistry lesson, you’ll know that our goats’ milk cheese is good as soon as you taste it. Because of careful herd management and stringent (I’m talking world class!) standards in the factory, our goats’ milk cheeses have a delicate, mild flavor that will make you wonder why it’s taken you so long to try some!

Our line-up of goats’ milk cheeses:


Let’s face it: nobody wants to be sneezing all day after a cup of tea, or feeling horribly bloated from the yoghurt at breakfast. But some people really struggle with health related challenges caused by ingesting cows’ milk.

Because of its chemistry and structural properties, goats’ milk is an ideal alternative for those who suffer from various intolerances or allergies caused by cows’ milk*.

Indezi is committed to providing an alternative to cows’ milk dairy products and we work hard on our range to provide you with a varied, healthy and delicious diet. After all, what’s toast without butter?