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Make your special occasion beautiful and memorable. Cheese cakes – a tower of beautifully styled wheels of cheese – are a totally trendy and incredibly delicious – perfect for weddings, special anniversaries, milestone birthdays, family reunions or any celebration.

You’ll want to make sure your cheese cake is just right for your celebration: balanced, textured and attractive. If you know what you want, just let us know. If you’re not sure, we’re ready to help! Just shout. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all this, find some inspiration here

If you have enough time, we can handcraft your selection and allow it to mature for as long as it needs. If you’re on the clock, it’ll be best if you select what we have already available for you. You might love a little camembert or blue cheese which we will source from trusted fellow cheesemakers. Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.

You’ll also need some preserves, condiments, and perhaps dried fruit. We can arrange those for you from our impressive selection at The Dairy Shoppe. You can be confident that your cheese cake will look the part and make everyone happy…

For more information, download our Cheese Cake FAQ document, which should answer any further questions you have. You are welcome to pop by The Dairy Shoppe for a complimentary cheese tasting, and to discuss your options, or contact us direct to get the ball rolling on one of the best parts of your day – the cheese!