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Our Story

A special story of a local farming family. 

Founded by Jimmy and Wendy Harris, alongside their daughters Barbara and Derryn, Indezi benefited from the years of experience each got from their time running Bellevigne Cheesery. Jimmy was recognized by many as one of the early pioneers in artisanal cheesemaking in South Africa, and did much to rescue consumers from the lack of choices on deli shelves. His creativity and passion was brought to life by the capable hands of Wendy and Barbara, while Derryn lovingly managed our own cow and goat herds.

Inspired growth

Since then we have expanded in many ways – our range continues to grow as we are inspired and challenged to create products that the whole family can enjoy. Special moments have been captured with special cheeses; the most enduring one being our ‘Umcimbi’ (or ‘celebration’) cheese to mark 10 years of our democracy.

We also continue to grow in size with a new factory coming online in 2014.

We are proud to say that this factory was awarded the Food Safety System Certification 22000 – which demonstrates that our food safety management systems are robust and thorough. This just proves that we don’t have to compromise quality and hygiene when handcrafting traditional, artisan dairy products!

Our team has grown and our reach is broadening. Previously only available to the hospitality trade and a few small specialty delis, we have worked hard to ensure that our products are now also available in many retail outlets.

The healthy alternative

Indezi River Creamery was one of the first to offer South Africans high quality, mild tasting, easily accessible goats’ milk products.

We firmly believe that everyone should enjoy a good quality of life, despite health challenges they may face. For many people, cows’ milk is problematic and causes more distress than delight. One of those people is our own head cheesemaker, Barbara Robertshaw.

Our range of goats’ milk dairy products has been developed to ensure that you need not miss out on healthy breakfasts, nutritious snacks, or even a good ol’ cuppa.

See our goats’ milk product range for more details.

Why Goats Milk?

Goats’ milk is structurally different to cows’ milk, and much easier to digest. For those who suffer from health challenges, Goats’ Milk Products may be an ideal alternative.

Cows' Milk Cheeses

Our range of cows’ milk products has been lovingly developed to delight you and your friends and family. For all occasions and palates, try our Cows’ Milk Cheeses

Goats' Milk Products

We have expanded our range of goats’ milk dairy products to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy dose of dairy everyday. See what Goats’ Milk Products we handcraft.