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Indezi River Creamery Products

The cows that supply our milk roam happily in lush pastures, and you can taste the committed care that goes into each step of our cheese making process.

Whether for a fancy cheeseboard or on school sandwiches, we have a cheese that will suit your needs and taste.

Our milk comes from a flock of content goats gallivanting in the rolling hills of the Midlands. Sound idyllic? It is.

We create a variety of goats’ milk cheeses that are mild tasting and easy to enjoy.

Our other dairy products are a win for those who struggle with cows’ milk products.

Why Goats Milk?

Goats’ milk is structurally different to cows’ milk, and much easier to digest. For those who suffer from health challenges, Goats’ Milk Products may be an ideal alternative.

Cows' Milk Cheeses

Our range of cows’ milk products has been lovingly developed to delight you and your friends and family. For all occasions and palates, try our Cows’ Milk Cheeses

Goats' Milk Products

We have expanded our range of goats’ milk dairy products to ensure that everyone can enjoy a healthy dose of dairy everyday. See what Goats’ Milk Products we handcraft.