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Kefir (said ‘key-fah’) is a cultured milk drink. It tops the list of probiotic-rich superfoods, and an absolute powerhouse of good nutrition. The word is derived from a Turkish word meaning ‘good feeling’. Why? Because of how you’ll feel when you take care of your gut health. Probiotics are essential for day-to-day healthy digestive functions, and a key player in immune support, building bone density, fighting allergies and addressing chronic illness.

Kefir is prepared using a starter culture that breaks down the lactose in the milk (cows’ and goats’, depending on which you prefer). Many people who are lactose-intolerant are able to enjoy its benefits.  This fermentation process gives it a characteristic ‘fizz’ and thicker texture.  Not quite as thick as yoghurt, it substitutes well with your favourite breakfast food.

Your health is important to you, and to us. We have sourced a culture from Denmark to make sure that our kefir is consistently high quality, and always contains the probiotics you expect. It differs slightly from traditional kefir as it does not contain any yeast. We won’t compromise our food safety standards (which are really high!) by introducing yeasts into our factory. Luckily, this doesn’t detract from the benefits you receive. In fact, our kefir is also safe for those with yeast allergies.

Kefir’s tangy, slightly effervescent taste is ideal for a snack, in your smoothie, as a dressing, or alongside dessert. Try it today for great gut health!

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